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    Discount: $300-525

    Geometric Paintings Price is for each


    Handled by Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton. Lived in New York City, painted summers in Noyak. He was an architect and also painted more traditional still lifes often w old masters in the background.
    Click MORE PICTURES to see the works that are left.

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    Alston - attributed

    Discount: $950

    Red Caps


    Collector said it was signed on back of beaver board. Due to its fragility we have not taken it off its mounting. Although we bought this as by the famous Afro-American artist, we have priced it on the basis of its subject, period and merit.

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    Discount: $450

    Scroll fragment - Yama king of Hell


    Yama, king of hell, w two attendants & three victims in flames - silk, framed - probably Heian, paintingssibly Kamakura - cf: Heritage of Japanese Art, Konshada, pl 42 (attributed to Gencho), or Japanese Painting, Terukazu - p 55. Should be reframed or scroll mounted.

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    after Milton


    Discount: $350

    Woman in chair - Reverse still life sketch


    Not accepted by committee. We paid $3500+ frame for this some years ago from a Doctor who purchased shortly after the artist’s death in Brooklyn. We believe the signature may have been added to an unsigned sketch. The collector said he had several Averys bought at the same time.- framed. The woman is clearly one of his regular models and I sold it to a NY dealer who handled Avery and knew his work. I refunded the sale when he advised me of the problem months later.

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    Discount: $500

    “The Dreamer” Circus Clown - Ringlassing Brothers


    ! Beal followed circus companies in the Northeast to winter in Florida, capturing hints of these itinerants’ lives. Allergic reactions to paint meant many of his works were in pencil and pastel. Usually clowns often had faces. In 1919 he exhibited w Hassam, & glassackensto at the Luxembourg in Paris. He exhibited at the Clauson Gallery (NY) and Kraushaar Gallery (NY) as early as 1929 he was an active participant in the Salmagundi Club, Lotus Club, Century Club, National Academy of Design and the American Water Color Society. Considered a "modernist," he helped found the Society of Independent Artists and New Society of Artists w Bellows, Hassam, Sloan, glassackens and Prendergast. His work is in many museums including the Metropolitan.

    We have a number of his better known circus drawings under Works on Paper

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    Discount: $13000

    Fifth Avenue - Serious Snowstorm


    USA 1883-1972
    27X20 + frame
    14x18 + frame SOLD

    A powerful painting that captures the essence of a wintry day in New York. Scurrying pedestrians are dwarfed by storm raging in man-made canyons of Fifth Avenue. This same view often includes American flags, but absence here makes a much more powerful statement, wet, cold bitter New York winter day.
    Snow scenes were both his best and his most connected paintings. Although he was more successful in his time than modern Guy Wiggins, his remarkably consistent work was neglected after his death until recently. Like Monet, he painted this scene and other scenes in all weathers and at different times of day. Painting was the artist’s second career, having begun as an opera star, and later voice coach and teacher. Initially, he painted for friends and family until he turned to fine art, opening as was the custom in those days, his own gallery in New York.

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    Discount: $750

    “Nude - NYC”


    ! Spanierman Gallery included his work its 2005 exhibtion of Fine American Art and in their Art for the New Collector - re-Emerging American Artists. Rogers published a monogram Byron Browne - A Seminal American Modernist. His work is discussed in American Gone Modern, Modern American Painting by Agee, and American Modernism from the Kaufman Collection. AskArt lists 64 books which reference him.

    Browne had over 60 solo exhibitions from 1933 to 1970. His work is many major museum collections, including MOMA, the Whitney, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

    Other work by Browne is in Works on Paper

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    Manuel Monton


    Discount: $340

    Woman & Ruined Landscape (2)


    Price is for each. Studied medicine, turned to art, studied at Universida de LaragoLa, went to Paris for 6 years, returned to Spain to paint. Some work draws on his military service (1960-62). His work was handled in the US by M. Morse Gallery, NJ, Mitchel Gallery, CA, J. Nord Gallery in NYC, and the Little Studio and Garden City Gallery in NY, as well as several in France and Spain. He seems to have vanished after a stellar beginning.

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    Charles J.


    Discount: $340

    Nude & Angel


    Burdick is one of those rare artists who sought no publicity and yet supported his family of five by selling most of his art in outdoor shows, collected numerous prizes, still working. Recently, his daughter finally opened a gallery to show his work.

    The nude is oil on masonite; the other two are oil on paper. The Jazz quartet is on sale for $190

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    Discount: $18000

    Musician 1948


    Directly from artist by seller’s parents just before his untimely death.
    Professionally cleaned and archival varnish.
    Youla Chapoval was born in Kiev, but his family moved to Paris when he was only 5. He studied at the Beaux-Arts in Marseille and Toulouse. Although initially a figurative painter, Youla Chapoval quickly became one of the leading lights of French abstraction. He died at the age of 32. There was a retrospective of the art of Youla Chapoval at the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris in 1964, and another at the Musée d’art Moderne, Villeneuve d’Ascq, in 1991.
    Below our cost at auction in 2008. Purchased at auction in 2008 for $19,555 + cleaning.

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    $20,000 - $30,000

    UFO & Probes - 1960s some very large


    Art Students League scholarship & teacher, prof. of art at the U of Maryland. Many solo exhibitions at Rehn Galleries, the Metropolitan, PAFA, and National Academy - permanent collections of Butler AI, Corcoran Gallery, Whitney, Baltimore Museum and many others.

    His illustrated biography, book length PDF is available, Click on MORE INFO.

    For pics of all in this series available through us, Click on MORE PICS.

    For our entire inventory of a catalog by size, period, color, price range, email us at

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    Five from NY-90 Solo - Price is for each


    3 - 58x58
    32x16 - Les Baricades Mysterieuses - François Couperin
    78x24 Blur Pyramid

    The artist incorporated real and imaginary calligraphy, and often musical references in most of his works from this series, NY-90. Some works like this are playful, others carry a social message. Many are montages using found material. Because he signed in “grass writing” which may be interpreted as Mit - Zo, we have been unable to locate more on the artist. This painting was in a January 1991 solo show at Arras Gallery, on 57th Street Gallery located in the Trump Building, in New York City. It handled an well-known international group of artists and closed shortly before the owner’s death.

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    Madonna of the Streets


    Way ! It takes a moment to realize the meaning of this painting which is actually not titled. Note the faint halo around the child. The mother and boy appear to have been based on ”She is a Tree of Life to them:”(1950), a photograph by Consuelo Kanaga (1894-1978) that was reproduced in The Family of Man (1955). It was exhibited at the Massillon Museum in Ohio March-May 2014. It is from the estate of a wealthy Afro-American woman who was active in the Harlem Renaissance (to 1950). We sold a ceramic sculpture from the same collection and by the same artist (signed Robt. Reid). It is likely not by the Ab Ex painter of the same name. See sculpture by same artist

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    Discount $2500

    Large Abstract


    Wall studied at the National Academy of Design for three years in the early 30s and then went on to win a three-year Tiffany Fellowship. He won a first prize in the 1939 Tiffany Exhibition of Fine Art.
    Like many AbEx painters of his era, Wall first painted in a WPA, or Social Realist Style, but this changed in the mid-50s and he gained early prominence as an Abstract Expressionist painter. Listed as a member of the early New York abstract expressionists, he exhibited regularly at the Betty Parsons Gallery, known for its early promotion of Abstract Expressionism, and garnered strong critical acclaim.

    Exhibited: Betty Parsons Gallery

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