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Unique box w Japanese mixed metal - Geese & Full Moon

Japan / USA
Meiji & 2004
3.75 dia x 2
silver gold opal
The top is a salesman sample of a Japanese mixed metal work ca 1870-90. Paul Haig is a custom jeweler & antique dealer with galleries in Rochester MI. He fabricated the box and inlaid the opal at the hinge.


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Netsuke - Rice sack seal

edo 18th cent
2.5 x 2
Fruits, vines, & chrysanthemums in antler - a rare trader’s netsuke that would have attached to an ink case inro. The seal is not the artist name, but rather the owner of the bags of rice." This was offered, on consignment from me by Felice Fedder Fine Arts, Madison Ave, NYC the 1970s for over $1000.


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signed & flower

Incense box

edo period
2.75 wide
Fine incense box in shape of a folded obi. Priced $450 at Haig’s of Rochester, 1960s tag of 18 £ (~ $40)


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Inro w Shells, Staghorn Chrysanthamum netsuke, coral ojime

late edo

Small size - 4 compartments - nashi interior - small rim chips - very good condition.negoro lacquer with box


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USA b. 1952
1981 22x33 mixed media framed
Biography on back. The artist attended Art & Design HS, then graduated from Pratt in 1981 and found immediate success. Sold at his first solo show at Getler Paul Gallery 57th St., NYC. label & original 1982 bill for $692.80 on the back The gallery provided him with several solo shows in the 1980s and 1990s. His work is in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum. framed


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Musician 1948

France USSR 1919-51
23x36 + frame oil on canvas
Directly from artist by seller’s parents just before his untimely death.
Professionally cleaned and archival varnished.

Youla Chapoval was born in Kiev, but his family moved to Paris when he was only 5. He studied at the Beaux-Arts in Marseille and Toulouse. Although initially a figurative painter, Youla Chapoval quickly became one of the leading lights of French abstraction. He died at the age of 32. There was a retrospective of the art of Youla Chapoval at the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris in 1964, and another at the Musée d’art Moderne, Villeneuve d’Ascq, in 1991.

Below our cost at auction in 2008.


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‘Martirs” Martyrs

Spain 1929-2011
1966 59x39 mixed media oil

Extensively Exhibited, illustrated in color in Decade Retrospective 1960-1970 hardcover book for Houston by Phillipe de Montdbello and in Grau-Garriga by Puig. Noted for his large scale fabric installations and tapestries, paintings, dramatic graphics, and sculptural collages. In The gallery price on this painting in the 1970s was $15,000. From the Arras Gallery, Trump Tower, NYC.
Below cost


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Signes i Verts

Spain 1929-2011
1979 19.5x27
mixed media oil on paper

This painting was Included in the 36 page catalog of his 1971 solo at the Arras Gallery in New York. It is priced below its price then. Similar (but unillustrated) paintings are $6500 at RO gallery.
We have several similar painting by this artist.


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“Loose on the Currah”


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Madonna of the Streets

1950s Oil on canvas 24x48 + frame

It takes a moment to realize the meaning of this painting which is actually not titled. Note the faint halo around the child. The mother and boy appear to have been based on ”She is a Tree of Life to them:”(1950), a photograph by Consuelo Kanaga (1894-1978) that was reproduced in The Family of Man (1955).

It was exhibited at the Massillon Museum in Ohio March-May 2014. It is from the estate of a wealthy Afro-American woman who was active in the Harlem Renaissance (to 1950). We have a ceramic sculpture from the same collection and by the same artist (signed Robt. Reid). It is likely not by the Ab Ex painter of the same name. See sculpture by same artist


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Oliver O’Connor


Gestapo / Big Business Caricature 1942

USA/UK 1908-87
1942 pottery
Sculptor, surrealist, screenwriter, illustrator, composer, author, taught at Cooper Union and MOMA, exhibited: Royal Academy London, Birmingham Museum (UK), New Orleans Art Center, PAFA, Audobon Artists, winner of many prizes, created the large playground sculpture at the NY Worlds Fair in 1963 and other public sculptures.


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Ronald H.


Crochet / Knit Abstract Wall hanging Fabric

USA 1941
50x32 x 10 1969-70 wool

De-accessioned from Rockford Museum in Illinois. Four of his fiber works are illustrated in ISSU catalog of California Design Ten - Pasadena Art Museum, 1968 and Sculpture in Fiber: Twelve Artists Working with Off Loom Techinques.. Several prominent fiber artists studied with him. Included is a 1972 catalog Fibre Structures at Denver Art Museum that illustrates one of three of his sculptures in the exhibition. He has authored several books and taught at the College of the Potomac.
Jay Solomon: “A great fiber or textile sculpture by a Washington artist ... Ron Goodman”


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