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6 Framed Gouache Ab Ex - Cruifixtion

5 Framed Gouache Ab Ex - Cruifixtion

Sidney Gross

    This series appears to have produced with a solo show in mind, possibly at Rehn, reflecting that gallery's shift to works on paper. The one first one is nearly identical to the same subject, suggesting a crucifix. Most were a part of a successful Memorial Exhibition at a small gallery in CT.

A 28 page monograph on Gross with over 50 full color reproductions is available for $10 postage included. We are working on a fuller biography, click here to see it.

Browse a pdf file that contains most of our inventory of this important artist in his time, but whose work has only recently resurfaced. This pdf file is large and may take a minute or so to download. But then you can scroll trhough the 122 entries.

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Price: $2,000.00

water color abstract as expressionism

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