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Christ in Concrete

Christ in Concrete

Gladys Schwartz


Oil on canvas - 28" x 40"

recently cleaned & restored

     Christ in Concrete (1939) by Pietro Di Donato was the devastating semi-autobiographical novel about Italian immigrants in New York City in the 1920s. It was made into a movie in 1949 by the blacklisted director Edward Dmytryk under the title of  Give Us This Day, set in New York during the depression. Fellow blacklistee Sam Wanamaker. It was released in the US under the intriguing title Salt to the Devil.  

     Whether this was commissioned for the book or movie is not clear, but this teacher / artist / photographer was on intimate terms with the many film and stage people who were caught up by HUAC, most likely including the author. Her closest connection was with Waldo Salt, Oscar winning writer. The artist's fascinating story is on the back of painting and in the attached PDF file under "Full Bio".


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