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“Plains Bison” from dyptch ‘Pioneer Waste’ / Sugaring Off

Hellen West Heller

oil on board ca. 1942-43 -  30 x 24
 Sugaring Off Fresco 1943 - 24 x 20
Sugaring Off Wood Block 1941 -  3.25 x 4.125


   The frame is the artist's. In one of her letters, she talks about the importance of the artist making their own frame for their paintings. Although she was primarily known as a wood block artist, she enjoyed success in Chicago and New York as a painter. On the back is a label with her address 732 E 6 st  and a note “to clean rub a small area at a time with a cut raw onion then wipe with clean dry cloth”
   Heller was proud of this painting and refers to it in a letter as being "displayed in the window of the gallery" and the fact that she had been invited to exhibit it. It was also exhibited at the International Print Society in 1943. The subject reflects her early advocacy for the environment and her strain of political activism that only occasionally found its way into her work.
     Scattergood Moore has put together a wonderful compendium of life and work. We have many of her graphics, a many of which we have listed.

     For artistic purposes, the wood block and the painting of Sugaring Off are sold together. The version from Woodcuts USA is available separately. It was reportedly signed by the artist in pen (under the mat). We cannot confirm the signature.

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Hellen West Heller
Hellen West Heller
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