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Extraordinarily successful in his lifetime, he and his work were buried after his premature death. The quality and range of his work was amazing.

Large Abstracts

Sidney Gross

American 1921-1969
Oil on canvas
We find his most dramatic work is from around 1958 - 1965. The arrow is the 54" x 84" canvas is an interesting variation from the work he was doing at this time. This painting, like many of his can be hung horizontally or vertically.

           Bennett Schiff , founding Fine Arts editor of Smithsonian magazine, wrote, “Of the mature, seasoned and genuine painters … who have been working in the non objective mode for some considerable years, one who strikes me as consistently as being of major size and substance is Sidney Gross …” 


   “There is a concentration here of what I must call – paying proper respect to the words – a notable beauty; they are works of heroic force. Gross’ colors are magnificent. It is not a simple question of how they look but what, in a deeper sense, they do to the mind. They activate sensation and emotion; they stimulate thought and beyond that, connection and feeling. It is senseless to attempt in specific language to describe them, since one cannot really speak of the colors by themselves. They are not to be separated from the force of the shapes, symbols, motion and, indeed events which they describe and in their effect are. Gross’ paintings aare dramas and sagas of experience and of feeling, descriptions at the moment of the very process of their being.


    “These are extravagant words because they are meant to be. Gross is a superb artist. His soul and mind and heart are in these works. This must be how thought, feeling and sensationare at the instant of their becoming and Gross is able to give form and shape and visual materiality to these mysterious processes of the mind.”

       A 28 page monograph on Gross with over 50 full color reproductions is available for $10 postage included.A 28 page monograph on Gross with over 50 full color reproductions is available for $10 postage included. We are working on a fuller biography, click here to see it.

Browse a pdf file that contains most of our inventory of this important artist in his time, but whose work has only recently resurfaced. This pdf file is large and may take a minute or so to download. But then you can scroll trhough the 122 entries.

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