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From The History of the Jews

Sidney Gross

American 1921-1969
oil 60" x "49
Gross’ undated papers reference several mural proposals and the style of several of his paintings related to possible murals seems to date to the immediate post-war period. Although his reaction to World War II and his body of work draws little on his Jewish heritage, an undated draft of a “Description & Continuity of a Proposed Mural” reveals his narrative imagination and hints at his scholarship. We have not discovered whether he received the commission, much less completed it. 

The scale of his proposed work was large. He proposed “a heroic theme – a personal evaluation of Jewish History from Abraham to Palestine condensed to fit the allotted space.” Following is the start of the discription of the planned painting: The mural begins with Abraham rising out of the emptiness of idol worship, idols based on the Syrian male Sphinx, Egyptian goddess Sekhmut and the Hittite god Teshub. We move into Egypt with Rameses II, the Pharaoh of the Exodus."

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Browse a pdf file that contains most of our inventory of this important artist in his time, but whose work has only recently resurfaced. This pdf file is large and may take a minute or so to download. But then you can scroll trhough the 122 entries.

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