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Coney Island Whirled

4 Post WWII Still Lifes / Coney Island

Sidney Gross

Oil on canvas
22 x 39
Oil on canvas 40x30
ca 1943-1945
"Boardwalk" Oil on Canvas 24x36
       The evocative still life of the artist's easel, like the cross on a gravesite with flowers and clothes is unusual for Gross, but illustrates beautifully what critics said of his very first exhibition:
   "The intelligence and imagination seen in Mr. Gross' work give promise that he is worthy to be added to the roster of artists" - The Officers & Trustees of Contemporary Art.
   "… remarkable for haunting its suggestion …" He "has  in the popular phrase 'got something' … decidedly on his own in his imaginative designs and tactful use of luscious piment" - Art News
"Sidney Gross has his own vision … and already no mean equipment for future development." - New York Times

In 1945 he was listed as one of the Top Ten Critics' Selections (along with Henry Moore, Jacob Lawrence and Robert Motherwell. - New York World Telegram

"The subtlety and a richness of texture suggestive of 16th century Venice instead of 20th century America. And color … approached El Greco"
     The still life of the phonograph is a scene from his the apartment he lived in. The artist still life includes a crumbled copy of his rave review in PIC magazine. The evocative painting of Coney Island, wrapping one side like a snake whose head is the Roller Coaster, while across a turbulent globe lie the ruins of a war torn Europe(?).
For more on his life for a copy, send for a copy of our full color 28 page monograph on the artist - $10 including shipping. A 28 page monograph on Gross with over 50 full color reproductions is available for $10 postage included. We are working on a fuller biography, click here to see it.

Browse a pdf file that contains most of our inventory of this important artist in his time, but whose work has only recently resurfaced. This pdf file is large and may take a minute or so to download. But then you can scroll trhough the 122 entries.

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still lifes evocative gravesites imaginative World War II vertical soft green rose blues phonograph studio 1930s Roller Coaster Boardwalk trenches

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