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36" x 48"

10 from the Bardo Series

Sidney Gross

American 1921-1969

oil on canvas
    Gross' Bardo series represent his last work. The title comes from "the Tibetan Book of the Dead and is unsed by the artist to convey the 'state of highest awareness' hopefully experienced by the viewer as he gazes at the after-image of the hard edge shapes on the white band." In another review in Art News reflected that "calligraphy, geometry and the void were … held teogether by suave, hot color schemes." Ironically, Bardo is the lamaist word for the time between death and rebirth. Gross died shortly after his 1969 one man show of the series. Because these were only shown a few times before they went into storage, they are fresh and most have not been seen since the year of his death. At the time, according to his lecture notes, he was working on a book of color theory, experimenting (according to one soue) with psychodelic drugs, and bringing together ideas of color field with abstract expressionism.
    Most of the Bardos can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

A 28 page monograph on Gross with over 50 full color reproductions is available for $10 postage included. We are working on a fuller biography, click here to see it.

Browse a pdf file that contains most of our inventory of this important artist in his time, but whose work has only recently resurfaced. This pdf file is large and may take a minute or so to download. But then you can scroll trhough the 122 entries.

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