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Gold Rising

Gold Globe Rising

Arun Bose


India - America

40" x 40" - 1980s

   The art of Arun Bose is non-narrative, non-linguistic and non-interpretive. It is pure visceral, virtuoso, visual impact. It is delivered by a highly trained and gifted hand, guided by an emotive and sensitive eye and contemplated by a precise, immaculate mind. By his own admission, he draws on the vibrant colors of his native land. 

   As noted by the Kolkata newspaper The Telegraph at the time of his retrospective exhibition in 2004, "Arun Bose's legacy as artist and teacher, his very own art expression, will remain that of 'A New Yorker with Bengal in his canvas'." 

A comparable painting was estimated a $18-22000 (+22.5%) at Sotheby’s in 2007. His smaller multiple edition lithographs go for $800+ in the resale market.


   In artist frame. Both paintings we offer here actually have hung in our home for 15 years.

Price: $9,500.00   On Sale: Take 50% off gallery price

gold blue green orange bold horizontal abstract globe Modern South Asian-American

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