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After Eishosai Choki Verrazano Bridge

A great juxtaposition from a sell-out series of 50 paintings by a world wide known artist who recently died.

After Eishosai Choki Verrazano Bridge

michael knigin

USA 1942-2011
1972 Acrylic & original photo on masonite - 72" x 48"

A Manservant Clearing the Geta of a Beauty on a Winter Day (in Brooklyn!)
      One of 50 paintings the artist did using his photographs of NYC printed directly by his patented method. over which he painted versions of Japanese prints They sold out quickly and most of the limited edition prints (2 sizes) of the paintings sold as well. A renowned graphic artist, teacher, printer and photographer (2 X NASA photographer), he created these unique watercolors  for use in his photo montages, in recent years scanning them to manipulate in his digital work. His work is in the permanent collections of the Whitney, Brooklyn, Smithsonian, Israel Art Museum, MOMA, and many others. The only one we know of that has been resold was priced at $25000.


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